Tomcat 7 and Maven 2 plugin

Original Post (French)

As part of my project J4hr, I set up for building the application, the tool Maven (v2). As an application server, I use the latest version of tomcat server, ie version 7.

To facilitate deployment, I created the following Maven plugin: Plugin allowing integration of the two tools during the build and deployment.

I met some problems for the integration of two tools using the plugin. Maven recommends: convention over configuration. That is, take the default conventions that have been fixed and therefore limited aspects, often heavy, configuration. This adage wrong between Maven 2 and Tomcat 7.

That is the technical background:

Maven 2 Tomcat 7 (installed from a tar.gz file in the directory USER_HOME OpenJDK 1.6.0_18 Ubuntu 4.10

What happened?? I added to my pom.xml, the declaration of this new artifact as described below:


Launch the command:

mvn tomcat: deploy

and patatra! below the result in the console:

  [INFO] Deploying war to http://localhost:8080/j4hr
  [INFO] Can not invoke Tomcat manager

Maven says it can not access the Tomcat manager, allowing it to deploy the war.

In reading the documentation of the plugin, it tells us that the default url used is the result:


I type in my favorite browser (I hesitate between Chrome and Firefox) This url and voila the answer made to me by the server:

The page you Tried to access (/manager/) does not exist.

The Manager application has been "re-structured for Tomcat 7 onwards and sacrifice part of URLs Have Changed. All URLs Used to Access the Application Manager "should now start With One Of The followings options:

  • /Manager/html for the HTML GUI
  • /Manager/text for The Text interface
  • /Manager/jmxproxy pour la JMX Proxy
  • /Manager/status pages for The Status

    Note thats the URL for The Text interface has changed from "/manager" to "/manager/text".

    You Probably Need to adjust The URL you are using to access une application. However, There Is Always a chance Have you found a bug in une application. "If you are sure You Have Found a bug, and thats the bug has not Already Been Reported, Please report it to the Apache Tomcat team.

    Interesting, I tell you! Grosso modo, Tomcat is telling us that the standard URL that was used to administer the server for deployments has changed. Therefore, we configure our plugin in this new url that goes beyond the established conventions. So here is what to add to the pom.xml:


    Normally with this information, everything should return to normal except for one thing. If the account administration server is not configured with the default values used when a new problem arises. It will be necessary to overcome this problem information identifiers in the file server setting.xml Maven pom.xml and reference in the name of this server.

    I hope it will help if you encounter this problem.