To build Jakara Taglibs packages you need to install Maven.

Building Trunk

To checkout and build the latest code in trunk, run:

  • svn co apache-taglibs
  • cd apache-taglibs
  • mvn clean install

To build only one of the taglibs, checkout the trunk/ directory for the subcomponent at and run mvn clean install.

Building & Deploying the Site

The main site is built by checking out the site/ directory:

svn co site

Taglib specific sites are built by directly from that taglib.

To build, run mvn clean site.

The sites are deployed by copying their source onto the Tomcat site's docs directory, located in the Tomcat site project: It's not a very automated solution.


To build the tar.gz or .zip for a Taglibs release, run mvn clean assembly:assembly.