Class FilterBase

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      • FilterBase

        public FilterBase()
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      • getLogger

        protected abstract Log getLogger()
      • init

        public void init​(FilterConfig filterConfig)
                  throws ServletException
        Iterates over the configuration parameters and either logs a warning, or throws an exception for any parameter that does not have a matching setter in this filter.
        Specified by:
        init in interface Filter
        filterConfig - The configuration information associated with the filter instance being initialised
        ServletException - if isConfigProblemFatal() returns true and a configured parameter does not have a matching setter
      • isConfigProblemFatal

        protected boolean isConfigProblemFatal()
        Determines if an exception when calling a setter or an unknown configuration attribute triggers the failure of the this filter which in turn will prevent the web application from starting.
        true if a problem should trigger the failure of this filter, else false