Class StringInterpreterFactory.DefaultStringInterpreter

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      • DefaultStringInterpreter

        public DefaultStringInterpreter()
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      • convertString

        public String convertString​(Class<?> c,
                                    String s,
                                    String attrName,
                                    Class<?> propEditorClass,
                                    boolean isNamedAttribute)
        Description copied from interface: StringInterpreter
        Generates the source code that represents the conversion of the string value to the appropriate type.
        Specified by:
        convertString in interface StringInterpreter
        c - The target class to which to coerce the given string
        s - The string value
        attrName - The name of the attribute whose value is being supplied
        propEditorClass - The property editor for the given attribute
        isNamedAttribute - true if the given attribute is a named attribute (that is, specified using the jsp:attribute standard action), and false otherwise
        the string representing the code that will be inserted into the source code for the Servlet generated for the JSP.