Class LegacyCookieProcessor

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    public final class LegacyCookieProcessor
    extends CookieProcessorBase
    The legacy (up to early Tomcat 8 releases) cookie parser based on RFC6265, RFC2109 and RFC2616. This class is not thread-safe.
    Costin Manolache, kevin seguin
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      • LegacyCookieProcessor

        public LegacyCookieProcessor()
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      • getAllowEqualsInValue

        public boolean getAllowEqualsInValue()
      • setAllowEqualsInValue

        public void setAllowEqualsInValue​(boolean allowEqualsInValue)
      • getAllowNameOnly

        public boolean getAllowNameOnly()
      • setAllowNameOnly

        public void setAllowNameOnly​(boolean allowNameOnly)
      • getAllowHttpSepsInV0

        public boolean getAllowHttpSepsInV0()
      • setAllowHttpSepsInV0

        public void setAllowHttpSepsInV0​(boolean allowHttpSepsInV0)
      • getForwardSlashIsSeparator

        public boolean getForwardSlashIsSeparator()
      • setForwardSlashIsSeparator

        public void setForwardSlashIsSeparator​(boolean forwardSlashIsSeparator)
      • getAlwaysAddExpires

        public boolean getAlwaysAddExpires()
      • setAlwaysAddExpires

        public void setAlwaysAddExpires​(boolean alwaysAddExpires)
      • getCharset

        public java.nio.charset.Charset getCharset()
        Description copied from interface: CookieProcessor
        Obtain the character set that will be used when converting between bytes and characters when parsing and/or generating HTTP headers for cookies.
        The character set used for byte<->character conversions
      • parseCookieHeader

        public void parseCookieHeader​(MimeHeaders headers,
                                      ServerCookies serverCookies)
        Description copied from interface: CookieProcessor
        Parse the provided headers into server cookie objects.
        headers - The HTTP headers to parse
        serverCookies - The server cookies object to populate with the results of the parsing
      • generateHeader

        public java.lang.String generateHeader​(Cookie cookie,
                                               HttpServletRequest request)
        Description copied from interface: CookieProcessor
        Generate the Set-Cookie HTTP header value for the given Cookie. This method receives as parameter the servlet request so that it can make decisions based on request properties. One such use-case is decide if the SameSite attribute should be added to the cookie based on the User-Agent or other request header because there are browser versions incompatible with the SameSite attribute. This is described by the Chromium project.
        cookie - The cookie for which the header will be generated
        request - The servlet request
        The header value in a form that can be added directly to the response