Class MbeansDescriptorsIntrospectionSource

  • public class MbeansDescriptorsIntrospectionSource
    extends ModelerSource
    • Constructor Detail

      • MbeansDescriptorsIntrospectionSource

        public MbeansDescriptorsIntrospectionSource()
    • Method Detail

      • setRegistry

        public void setRegistry​(Registry reg)
      • setType

        public void setType​(String type)
        Used if a single component is loaded
        type - The type
      • setSource

        public void setSource​(Object source)
      • createManagedBean

        public ManagedBean createManagedBean​(Registry registry,
                                             String domain,
                                             Class<?> realClass,
                                             String type)
        XXX Find if the 'className' is the name of the MBean or the real class ( I suppose first ) XXX Read (optional) descriptions from a .properties, generated from source XXX Deal with constructors
        registry - The Bean registry (not used)
        domain - The bean domain (not used)
        realClass - The class to analyze
        type - The bean type
        ManagedBean The create MBean