Interface PermissionCheck

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    ParallelWebappClassLoader, WebappClassLoader, WebappClassLoaderBase

    public interface PermissionCheck
    This interface is implemented by components to enable privileged code to check whether the component has a given permission. This is typically used when a privileged component (e.g. the container) is performing an action on behalf of an untrusted component (e.g. a web application) without the current thread having passed through a code source provided by the untrusted component. Because the current thread has not passed through a code source provided by the untrusted component the SecurityManager assumes the code is trusted so the standard checking mechanisms can't be used.
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      • check

        boolean check​(Permission permission)
        Does this component have the given permission?
        permission - The permission to test
        false if a SecurityManager is enabled and the component does not have the given permission, otherwise true