Class WebdavFixFilter

All Implemented Interfaces:
Filter, FilterConfig, Serializable

public class WebdavFixFilter extends GenericFilter
Filter that attempts to force MS WebDAV clients connecting on port 80 to use a WebDAV client that actually works. Other workarounds that might help include:
  • Specifying the port, even if it is port 80, when trying to connect.
  • Cancelling the first authentication dialog box and then trying to reconnect.
Generally each different version of the MS client has a different set of problems.

TODO: Update this filter to recognise specific MS clients and apply the appropriate workarounds for that particular client

As a filter, this is configured in web.xml like any other Filter. You usually want to map this filter to whatever your WebDAV servlet is mapped to.

In addition to the issues fixed by this Filter, the following issues have also been observed that cannot be fixed by this filter. Where possible the filter will add an message to the logs.

XP x64 SP2 (MiniRedir Version 3790)

  • Only connects to port 80
  • Unknown issue means it doesn't work
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