Interface DistributedManager

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    BackupManager, PersistentManager, PersistentManagerBase

    public interface DistributedManager
    Interface implemented by session managers that do not keep a complete copy of all sessions in memory but do know where every session is. The BackupManager is an example of such a Manager as are implementations of the StoreManager interface.

    With the BackupManager, sessions can be primary (primary copy on this node), backup (backup copy on this node) or proxy (only the session ID on this node). The identity of the primary and backup nodes are known for all sessions, including proxy sessions.

    With StoreManager implementations, sessions can be primary (session is in memory) or proxy (session is in the Store).

    • Method Detail

      • getActiveSessionsFull

        int getActiveSessionsFull()
        Returns the total session count for primary, backup and proxy.
        The total session count across the cluster.
      • getSessionIdsFull

        java.util.Set<java.lang.String> getSessionIdsFull()
        Returns the list of all sessions IDS (primary, backup and proxy).
        The complete set of sessions IDs across the cluster.