Interface GSSRealm

All Superinterfaces:
Contained, Realm
All Known Implementing Classes:
CombinedRealm, DataSourceRealm, JAASMemoryLoginModule, JAASRealm, JDBCRealm, JNDIRealm, LockOutRealm, MemoryRealm, NullRealm, RealmBase, UserDatabaseRealm

@Deprecated public interface GSSRealm extends Realm
This will be removed in Tomcat 9 and integrated into Realm.
A GSSRealm is a specialized realm for GSS-based principals.
  • Method Details

    • authenticate

      Principal authenticate(GSSName gssName, GSSCredential gssCredential)
      Try to authenticate using a GSSName
      gssName - The GSSName of the principal to look up
      gssCredential - The GSSCredential of the principal, may be null
      the associated principal, or null if there is none