Interface TomcatPrincipal

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GenericPrincipal, UserDatabaseRealm.UserDatabasePrincipal

public interface TomcatPrincipal extends Principal
Defines additional methods implemented by Principals created by Tomcat's standard Realm implementations.
  • Method Details

    • getUserPrincipal

      Principal getUserPrincipal()
      The authenticated Principal to be exposed to applications.
    • getGssCredential

      GSSCredential getGssCredential()
      The user's delegated credentials.
    • logout

      void logout() throws Exception
      Calls logout, if necessary, on any associated JAASLoginContext. May in the future be extended to cover other logout requirements.
      Exception - If something goes wrong with the logout. Uses Exception to allow for future expansion of this method to cover other logout mechanisms that might throw a different exception to LoginContext