Class DeployTask

All Implemented Interfaces:

public class DeployTask extends AbstractCatalinaCommandTask
Ant task that implements the /deploy command, supported by the Tomcat manager application.
Craig R. McClanahan
  • Field Details

    • config

      protected String config
      URL of the context configuration file for this application, if any.
    • localWar

      protected String localWar
      URL of the server local web application archive (WAR) file to be deployed.
    • tag

      protected String tag
      Tag to associate with this to be deployed webapp.
    • update

      protected boolean update
      Update existing webapps.
    • war

      protected String war
      URL of the web application archive (WAR) file to be deployed.
  • Constructor Details

    • DeployTask

      public DeployTask()
  • Method Details

    • getConfig

      public String getConfig()
    • setConfig

      public void setConfig(String config)
    • getLocalWar

      public String getLocalWar()
    • setLocalWar

      public void setLocalWar(String localWar)
    • getTag

      public String getTag()
    • setTag

      public void setTag(String tag)
    • getUpdate

      public boolean getUpdate()
    • setUpdate

      public void setUpdate(boolean update)
    • getWar

      public String getWar()
    • setWar

      public void setWar(String war)
    • execute

      public void execute() throws
      Execute the requested operation.
      execute in class AbstractCatalinaTask
      Throws: - if an error occurs