Package org.apache.catalina.ant.jmx

package org.apache.catalina.ant.jmx

This package contains a set of JMX Task implementations for Ant (version 1.6 or later) that can be used to interact with the Remote JMX JSR 160 RMI Adaptor to get/set attributes, invoke MBean operations and query for Mbeans inside a running instance of Tomcat. For more information, see

Each task element can open a new jmx connection or reference an existing one. The following attribute are exists in every tasks:

Common task attributes
Attribute Description
url The JMX Connection URL of the remote Tomcat MBeansServer.
username The username of an MBeanServer auth, when configured.
password The password of an MBeanServer auth, when configured.
host The JMX Connection host.
port The JMX Connection port.
ref The name of the ant internal reference for a jmx connection.

NOTE - This Tasks only work, when JSR 160 MBean Adaptor as remote jvm is configured.