Class AprLifecycleListener

All Implemented Interfaces:

public class AprLifecycleListener extends Object implements LifecycleListener
Implementation of LifecycleListener that will init and and destroy APR.

This listener must only be nested within Server elements.

Note: If you are running Tomcat in an embedded fashion and have more than one Server instance per JVM, this listener must not be added to the Server instances, but handled outside by the calling code which is bootstrapping the embedded Tomcat instances. Not doing so will lead to JVM crashes.

  • Field Details

    • sm

      protected static final StringManager sm
      The string manager for this package.

      protected static final int TCN_REQUIRED_MAJOR
      See Also:

      protected static final int TCN_REQUIRED_MINOR
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      protected static final int TCN_REQUIRED_PATCH
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    • SSLEngine

      protected static String SSLEngine
    • FIPSMode

      protected static String FIPSMode
    • SSLRandomSeed

      protected static String SSLRandomSeed
    • sslInitialized

      protected static boolean sslInitialized
    • aprInitialized

      protected static boolean aprInitialized
    • aprAvailable

      protected static boolean aprAvailable
    • useAprConnector

      protected static boolean useAprConnector
    • useOpenSSL

      protected static boolean useOpenSSL
    • fipsModeActive

      protected static boolean fipsModeActive
    • lock

      protected static final Object lock
  • Constructor Details

    • AprLifecycleListener

      public AprLifecycleListener()
  • Method Details

    • isAprAvailable

      public static boolean isAprAvailable()
    • lifecycleEvent

      public void lifecycleEvent(LifecycleEvent event)
      Primary entry point for startup and shutdown events.
      Specified by:
      lifecycleEvent in interface LifecycleListener
      event - The event that has occurred
    • getSSLEngine

      public String getSSLEngine()
    • setSSLEngine

      public void setSSLEngine(String SSLEngine)
    • getSSLRandomSeed

      public String getSSLRandomSeed()
    • setSSLRandomSeed

      public void setSSLRandomSeed(String SSLRandomSeed)
    • getFIPSMode

      public String getFIPSMode()
    • setFIPSMode

      public void setFIPSMode(String FIPSMode)
    • isFIPSModeActive

      public boolean isFIPSModeActive()
    • setUseAprConnector

      public void setUseAprConnector(boolean useAprConnector)
    • getUseAprConnector

      public static boolean getUseAprConnector()
    • setUseOpenSSL

      public void setUseOpenSSL(boolean useOpenSSL)
    • getUseOpenSSL

      public static boolean getUseOpenSSL()
    • isInstanceCreated

      public static boolean isInstanceCreated()