Class GlobalResourcesLifecycleListener

  • All Implemented Interfaces:

    public class GlobalResourcesLifecycleListener
    extends Object
    implements LifecycleListener
    Implementation of LifecycleListener that instantiates the set of MBeans associated with global JNDI resources that are subject to management.

    This listener must only be nested within Server elements.

    Craig R. McClanahan
    • Field Detail

      • component

        protected Lifecycle component
        The owning Catalina component that we are attached to.
      • registry

        protected static final Registry registry
        The configuration information registry for our managed beans.
    • Constructor Detail

      • GlobalResourcesLifecycleListener

        public GlobalResourcesLifecycleListener()
    • Method Detail

      • lifecycleEvent

        public void lifecycleEvent​(LifecycleEvent event)
        Primary entry point for startup and shutdown events.
        Specified by:
        lifecycleEvent in interface LifecycleListener
        event - The event that has occurred
      • createMBeans

        protected void createMBeans()
        Create the MBeans for the interesting global JNDI resources.
      • createMBeans

        protected void createMBeans​(String prefix,
                                    Context context)
                             throws NamingException
        Create the MBeans for the interesting global JNDI resources in the specified naming context.
        prefix - Prefix for complete object name paths
        context - Context to be scanned
        NamingException - if a JNDI exception occurs
      • createMBeans

        protected void createMBeans​(String name,
                                    UserDatabase database)
                             throws Exception
        Create the MBeans for the specified UserDatabase and its contents.
        name - Complete resource name of this UserDatabase
        database - The UserDatabase to be processed
        Exception - if an exception occurs while creating MBeans
      • destroyMBeans

        protected void destroyMBeans()
        Destroy the MBeans for the interesting global JNDI resources.