Interface SSIExternalResolver

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    public interface SSIExternalResolver
    Interface used by SSIMediator to talk to the 'outside world' ( usually a servlet )
    Dan Sandberg
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      • addVariableNames

        void addVariableNames​(Collection<String> variableNames)
        Adds any external variables to the variableNames collection.
        variableNames - the collection to add to
      • getVariableValue

        String getVariableValue​(String name)
      • setVariableValue

        void setVariableValue​(String name,
                              String value)
        Set the named variable to the specified value. If value is null, then the variable will be removed ( ie. a call to getVariableValue will return null )
        name - of the variable
        value - of the variable
      • getCurrentDate

        Date getCurrentDate()
        Returns the current date. This is useful for putting the SSI stuff in a regression test. Since you can make the current date a constant, it makes testing easier since the output won't change.
        the data