Class SSIFlastmod

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    public final class SSIFlastmod
    extends java.lang.Object
    implements SSICommand
    Implements the Server-side #flastmod command
    Bip Thelin, Paul Speed, Dan Sandberg, David Becker
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      protected java.lang.String formatDate​(java.util.Date date, java.lang.String configTimeFmt)  
      long process​(SSIMediator ssiMediator, java.lang.String commandName, java.lang.String[] paramNames, java.lang.String[] paramValues, writer)
      Write the output of the command to the writer.
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      • SSIFlastmod

        public SSIFlastmod()
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      • process

        public long process​(SSIMediator ssiMediator,
                            java.lang.String commandName,
                            java.lang.String[] paramNames,
                            java.lang.String[] paramValues,
        Description copied from interface: SSICommand
        Write the output of the command to the writer.
        Specified by:
        process in interface SSICommand
        ssiMediator - the ssi mediator
        commandName - the name of the actual command ( ie. echo )
        paramNames - The parameter names
        paramValues - The parameter values
        writer - the writer to output to
        the most current modified date resulting from any SSI commands
        See Also:
      • formatDate

        protected java.lang.String formatDate​(java.util.Date date,
                                              java.lang.String configTimeFmt)