Class SSIServlet

  • All Implemented Interfaces:, Servlet, ServletConfig

    public class SSIServlet
    extends HttpServlet
    Servlet to process SSI requests within a webpage. Mapped to a path from within web.xml.
    Bip Thelin, Amy Roh, Dan Sandberg, David Becker
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    • Field Detail

      • debug

        protected int debug
        Debug level for this servlet.
      • buffered

        protected boolean buffered
        Should the output be buffered.
      • expires

        protected java.lang.Long expires
        Expiration time in seconds for the doc.
      • isVirtualWebappRelative

        protected boolean isVirtualWebappRelative
        virtual path can be webapp-relative
      • inputEncoding

        protected java.lang.String inputEncoding
        Input encoding. If not specified, uses platform default
      • outputEncoding

        protected java.lang.String outputEncoding
        Output encoding. If not specified, uses platform default
      • allowExec

        protected boolean allowExec
        Allow exec (normally blocked for security)
    • Constructor Detail

      • SSIServlet

        public SSIServlet()