Class FragmentationInterceptor

All Implemented Interfaces:
ChannelInterceptor, FragmentationInterceptorMBean, Heartbeat, MembershipListener

public class FragmentationInterceptor extends ChannelInterceptorBase implements FragmentationInterceptorMBean
The fragmentation interceptor splits up large messages into smaller messages and assembles them on the other end. This is very useful when you don't want large messages hogging the sending sockets and smaller messages can make it through.
Configuration Options
FragmentationInterceptor.expire=<milliseconds> - how long do we keep the fragments in memory and wait for the rest to arrive default=60,000ms -> 60seconds This setting is useful to avoid OutOfMemoryErrors
FragmentationInterceptor.maxSize=<max message size> - message size in bytes default=1024*100 (around a tenth of a MB)