Class TwoPhaseCommitInterceptor

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      • TwoPhaseCommitInterceptor

        public TwoPhaseCommitInterceptor()
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      • sendMessage

        public void sendMessage​(Member[] destination,
                                ChannelMessage msg,
                                InterceptorPayload payload)
                         throws ChannelException
        Description copied from interface: ChannelInterceptor
        The sendMessage method is called when a message is being sent to one more destinations. The interceptor can modify any of the parameters and then pass on the message down the stack by invoking getNext().sendMessage(destination,msg,payload)
        Alternatively the interceptor can stop the message from being sent by not invoking getNext().sendMessage(destination,msg,payload)
        If the message is to be sent asynchronous the application can be notified of completion and errors by passing in an error handler attached to a payload object.
        The ChannelMessage.getAddress contains Channel.getLocalMember, and can be overwritten to simulate a message sent from another node.
        Specified by:
        sendMessage in interface ChannelInterceptor
        sendMessage in class ChannelInterceptorBase
        destination - Member[] - the destination for this message
        msg - ChannelMessage - the message to be sent
        payload - InterceptorPayload - the payload, carrying an error handler and future useful data, can be null
        ChannelException - if a serialization error happens.
        See Also:
        ErrorHandler, InterceptorPayload
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        public boolean getDeepclone()
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        public long getExpire()
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        public void setDeepclone​(boolean deepclone)
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        public void setExpire​(long expire)