Class ReceiverBase

All Implemented Interfaces:
ChannelReceiver, Heartbeat, ListenCallback, RxTaskPool.TaskCreator
Direct Known Subclasses:
BioReceiver, NioReceiver

public abstract class ReceiverBase extends Object implements ChannelReceiver, ListenCallback, RxTaskPool.TaskCreator
  • Field Details

  • Constructor Details

    • ReceiverBase

      public ReceiverBase()
  • Method Details

    • start

      public void start() throws IOException
      Description copied from interface: ChannelReceiver
      Start listening for incoming messages on the host/port
      Specified by:
      start in interface ChannelReceiver
      IOException - Listen failed
    • stop

      public void stop()
      Description copied from interface: ChannelReceiver
      Stop listening for messages
      Specified by:
      stop in interface ChannelReceiver
    • getMessageListener

      public MessageListener getMessageListener()
      Specified by:
      getMessageListener in interface ChannelReceiver
      See Also:
    • getPort

      public int getPort()
      Description copied from interface: ChannelReceiver
      Returns the listening port
      Specified by:
      getPort in interface ChannelReceiver
      The port
    • getRxBufSize

      public int getRxBufSize()
    • getTxBufSize

      public int getTxBufSize()
    • setMessageListener

      public void setMessageListener(MessageListener listener)
      Specified by:
      setMessageListener in interface ChannelReceiver
      listener - MessageListener
      See Also:
    • setRxBufSize

      public void setRxBufSize(int rxBufSize)
    • setTxBufSize

      public void setTxBufSize(int txBufSize)
    • getBind

      public InetAddress getBind()
      Returns the bind.
    • bind

      protected void bind(ServerSocket socket, int portstart, int retries) throws IOException
      Attempts to bind using the provided port and if that fails attempts to bind to each of the ports from portstart to (portstart + retries -1) until either there are no more ports or the bind is successful. The address to bind to is obtained via a call to {link getBind().
      socket - The socket to bind
      portstart - Starting port for bind attempts
      retries - Number of times to attempt to bind (port incremented between attempts)
      IOException - Socket bind error
    • bindUdp

      protected int bindUdp(DatagramSocket socket, int portstart, int retries) throws IOException
      Same as bind() except it does it for the UDP port
      socket - The socket to bind
      portstart - Starting port for bind attempts
      retries - Number of times to attempt to bind (port incremented between attempts)
      int The retry count
      IOException - Socket bind error
    • messageDataReceived

      public void messageDataReceived(ChannelMessage data)
      Description copied from interface: ListenCallback
      This method is invoked on the callback object to notify it that new data has been received from one of the cluster nodes.
      Specified by:
      messageDataReceived in interface ListenCallback
      data - - the message bytes received from the cluster/replication system
    • getWorkerThreadOptions

      public int getWorkerThreadOptions()
    • setBind

      public void setBind(InetAddress bind)
      bind - The bind to set.
    • getDirect

      public boolean getDirect()
    • setDirect

      public void setDirect(boolean direct)
    • getAddress

      public String getAddress()
    • getHost

      public String getHost()
      Description copied from interface: ChannelReceiver
      String representation of the IPv4 or IPv6 address that this host is listening to.
      Specified by:
      getHost in interface ChannelReceiver
      the host that this receiver is listening to
    • getSelectorTimeout

      public long getSelectorTimeout()
    • doListen

      public boolean doListen()
    • getListener

      public MessageListener getListener()
    • getTaskPool

      public RxTaskPool getTaskPool()
    • getAutoBind

      public int getAutoBind()
    • getMaxThreads

      public int getMaxThreads()
    • getMinThreads

      public int getMinThreads()
    • getTcpNoDelay

      public boolean getTcpNoDelay()
    • getSoKeepAlive

      public boolean getSoKeepAlive()
    • getOoBInline

      public boolean getOoBInline()
    • getSoLingerOn

      public boolean getSoLingerOn()
    • getSoLingerTime

      public int getSoLingerTime()
    • getSoReuseAddress

      public boolean getSoReuseAddress()
    • getSoTrafficClass

      public int getSoTrafficClass()
    • getTimeout

      public int getTimeout()
    • getUseBufferPool

      public boolean getUseBufferPool()
    • getSecurePort

      public int getSecurePort()
      Description copied from interface: ChannelReceiver
      Returns the secure listening port
      Specified by:
      getSecurePort in interface ChannelReceiver
      port, -1 if a secure port is not activated
    • getMinTasks

      public int getMinTasks()
    • getMaxTasks

      public int getMaxTasks()
    • getExecutor

      public ExecutorService getExecutor()
    • isListening

      public boolean isListening()
    • setSelectorTimeout

      public void setSelectorTimeout(long selTimeout)
    • setListen

      public void setListen(boolean doListen)
    • setAddress

      public void setAddress(String host)
    • setHost

      public void setHost(String host)
    • setListener

      public void setListener(MessageListener listener)
    • setPool

      public void setPool(RxTaskPool pool)
    • setPort

      public void setPort(int port)
    • setAutoBind

      public void setAutoBind(int autoBind)
    • setMaxThreads

      public void setMaxThreads(int maxThreads)
    • setMinThreads

      public void setMinThreads(int minThreads)
    • setTcpNoDelay

      public void setTcpNoDelay(boolean tcpNoDelay)
    • setSoKeepAlive

      public void setSoKeepAlive(boolean soKeepAlive)
    • setOoBInline

      public void setOoBInline(boolean ooBInline)
    • setSoLingerOn

      public void setSoLingerOn(boolean soLingerOn)
    • setSoLingerTime

      public void setSoLingerTime(int soLingerTime)
    • setSoReuseAddress

      public void setSoReuseAddress(boolean soReuseAddress)
    • setSoTrafficClass

      public void setSoTrafficClass(int soTrafficClass)
    • setTimeout

      public void setTimeout(int timeout)
    • setUseBufferPool

      public void setUseBufferPool(boolean useBufferPool)
    • setSecurePort

      public void setSecurePort(int securePort)
    • setMinTasks

      public void setMinTasks(int minTasks)
    • setMaxTasks

      public void setMaxTasks(int maxTasks)
    • setExecutor

      public void setExecutor(ExecutorService executor)
    • heartbeat

      public void heartbeat()
      Description copied from interface: Heartbeat
      Heartbeat invocation for resources cleanup etc
      Specified by:
      heartbeat in interface Heartbeat
    • getUdpPort

      public int getUdpPort()
      Description copied from interface: ChannelReceiver
      Returns the UDP port
      Specified by:
      getUdpPort in interface ChannelReceiver
      port, -1 if the UDP port is not activated.
    • setUdpPort

      public void setUdpPort(int udpPort)
    • getUdpRxBufSize

      public int getUdpRxBufSize()
    • setUdpRxBufSize

      public void setUdpRxBufSize(int udpRxBufSize)
    • getUdpTxBufSize

      public int getUdpTxBufSize()
    • setUdpTxBufSize

      public void setUdpTxBufSize(int udpTxBufSize)
    • getChannel

      public Channel getChannel()
      Description copied from interface: ChannelReceiver
      Return the channel that is related to this ChannelReceiver
      Specified by:
      getChannel in interface ChannelReceiver
    • setChannel

      public void setChannel(Channel channel)
      Description copied from interface: ChannelReceiver
      Set the channel that is related to this ChannelReceiver
      Specified by:
      setChannel in interface ChannelReceiver
      channel - The channel
    • getPoolSize

      public int getPoolSize()
      Return the current number of threads that are managed by the pool.
      the current number of threads that are managed by the pool
    • getActiveCount

      public int getActiveCount()
      Return the current number of threads that are in use.
      the current number of threads that are in use
    • getTaskCount

      public long getTaskCount()
      Return the total number of tasks that have ever been scheduled for execution by the pool.
      the total number of tasks that have ever been scheduled for execution by the pool
    • getCompletedTaskCount

      public long getCompletedTaskCount()
      Return the total number of tasks that have completed execution by the pool.
      the total number of tasks that have completed execution by the pool
    • isDaemon

      public boolean isDaemon()
    • getMaxIdleTime

      public long getMaxIdleTime()
    • setDaemon

      public void setDaemon(boolean daemon)
    • setMaxIdleTime

      public void setMaxIdleTime(long maxIdleTime)