Class Strftime


public class Strftime extends Object
Converts dates to strings using the same format specifiers as strftime Note: This does not mimic strftime perfectly. Certain strftime commands, are not supported, and will convert as if they were literals. Certain complicated commands, like those dealing with the week of the year probably don't have exactly the same behavior as strftime. These limitations are due to use SimpleDateTime. If the conversion was done manually, all these limitations could be eliminated. The interface looks like a subset of DateFormat. Maybe someday someone will make this class extend DateFormat.
Bip Thelin, Dan Sandberg
  • Field Details

  • Constructor Details

    • Strftime

      public Strftime(String origFormat, Locale locale)
      Create an instance of this date formatting class
      origFormat - the strftime-style formatting string
      locale - the locale to use for locale-specific conversions
  • Method Details

    • format

      public String format(Date date)
      Format the date according to the strftime-style string given in the constructor.
      date - the date to format
      the formatted date
    • getTimeZone

      public TimeZone getTimeZone()
      Get the timezone used for formatting conversions
      the timezone
    • setTimeZone

      public void setTimeZone(TimeZone timeZone)
      Change the timezone used to format dates
      timeZone - The new time zone
      See Also:
    • convertDateFormat

      protected String convertDateFormat(String pattern)
      Search the provided pattern and get the C standard Date/Time formatting rules and convert them to the Java equivalent.
      pattern - The pattern to search
      The modified pattern
    • quote

      protected String quote(String str, boolean insideQuotes)
    • translateCommand

      protected boolean translateCommand(StringBuilder buf, String pattern, int index, boolean oldInside)
      Try to get the Java Date/Time formatting associated with the C standard provided.
      buf - The buffer
      pattern - The date/time pattern
      index - The char index
      oldInside - Flag value
      True if new is inside buffer