Class JarResourceSet

    • Constructor Detail

      • JarResourceSet

        public JarResourceSet()
        A no argument constructor is required for this to work with the digester.
      • JarResourceSet

        public JarResourceSet​(WebResourceRoot root,
                              java.lang.String webAppMount,
                              java.lang.String base,
                              java.lang.String internalPath)
                       throws java.lang.IllegalArgumentException
        Creates a new WebResourceSet based on a JAR file.
        root - The WebResourceRoot this new WebResourceSet will be added to.
        webAppMount - The path within the web application at which this WebResourceSet will be mounted.
        base - The absolute path to the JAR file on the file system from which the resources will be served.
        internalPath - The path within this new WebResourceSet where resources will be served from. E.g. for a resource JAR, this would be "META-INF/resources"
        java.lang.IllegalArgumentException - if the webAppMount or internalPath is not valid (valid paths must start with '/')