Class ELParser

  • public class ELParser
    extends java.lang.Object
    This class implements a parser for EL expressions. It takes strings of the form xxx${..}yyy${..}zzz etc, and turn it into a ELNode.Nodes. Currently, it only handles text outside ${..} and functions in ${ ..}.
    Kin-man Chung
    • Constructor Summary

      Constructor Description
      ELParser​(java.lang.String expression, boolean isDeferredSyntaxAllowedAsLiteral)  
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      char getType()  
      static org.apache.jasper.compiler.ELNode.Nodes parse​(java.lang.String expression, boolean isDeferredSyntaxAllowedAsLiteral)
      Parse an EL expression
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    • Constructor Detail

      • ELParser

        public ELParser​(java.lang.String expression,
                        boolean isDeferredSyntaxAllowedAsLiteral)
    • Method Detail

      • parse

        public static org.apache.jasper.compiler.ELNode.Nodes parse​(java.lang.String expression,
                                                                    boolean isDeferredSyntaxAllowedAsLiteral)
        Parse an EL expression
        expression - The input expression string of the form Char* ('${' Char* '}')* Char*
        isDeferredSyntaxAllowedAsLiteral - Are deferred expressions treated as literals?
        Parsed EL expression in ELNode.Nodes
      • getType

        public char getType()