Class JspConfig

  • public class JspConfig
    extends java.lang.Object
    Handles the jsp-config element in WEB_INF/web.xml. This is used for specifying the JSP configuration information on a JSP page
    Kin-man Chung, Remy Maucherat
    • Method Detail

      • findJspProperty

        public JspConfig.JspProperty findJspProperty​(java.lang.String uri)
        Find a property that best matches the supplied resource.
        uri - the resource supplied.
        a JspProperty indicating the best match, or some default.
      • isJspPage

        public boolean isJspPage​(java.lang.String uri)
        To find out if a uri matches a url pattern in jsp config. If so, then the uri is a JSP page. This is used primarily for jspc.
        uri - The path to check
        true if the path denotes a JSP page