Class JspFragmentHelper

  • public abstract class JspFragmentHelper
    extends JspFragment
    Helper class from which all Jsp Fragment helper classes extend. This class allows for the emulation of numerous fragments within a single class, which in turn reduces the load on the class loader since there are potentially many JspFragments in a single page.

    The class also provides various utility methods for JspFragment implementations.

    Mark Roth
    • Field Detail

      • discriminator

        protected final int discriminator
      • jspContext

        protected final JspContext jspContext
      • _jspx_page_context

        protected final PageContext _jspx_page_context
      • parentTag

        protected final JspTag parentTag
    • Constructor Detail

      • JspFragmentHelper

        public JspFragmentHelper​(int discriminator,
                                 JspContext jspContext,
                                 JspTag parentTag)