Interface JarScanner

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    public interface JarScanner
    Scans a web application and classloader hierarchy for JAR files. Uses include TLD scanning and web-fragment.xml scanning. Uses a call-back mechanism so the caller can process each JAR found.
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      • scan

        void scan​(JarScanType scanType,
                  ServletContext context,
                  JarScannerCallback callback)
        Scan the provided ServletContext and classloader for JAR files. Each JAR file found will be passed to the callback handler to be processed.
        scanType - The type of JAR scan to perform. This is passed to the filter which uses it to determine how to filter the results
        context - The ServletContext - used to locate and access WEB-INF/lib
        callback - The handler to process any JARs found
      • setJarScanFilter

        void setJarScanFilter​(JarScanFilter jarScanFilter)