Package org.apache.tomcat.dbcp.dbcp2.cpdsadapter

package org.apache.tomcat.dbcp.dbcp2.cpdsadapter

This package contains one public class which is a ConnectionPoolDataSource (CPDS) implementation that can be used to adapt older Driver based JDBC implementations. Below is an example of setting up the CPDS to be available via JNDI in the catalina servlet container.

In server.xml, the following would be added to the <Context> for your webapp:

  <Resource name="jdbc/bookstoreCPDS" auth="Container"
   <ResourceParams name="jdbc/bookstoreCPDS">

In web.xml. Note that elements must be given in the order of the dtd described in the servlet specification:

     Resource reference to a factory for java.sql.Connection
     instances that may be used for talking to a particular
     database that is configured in the server.xml file.

Catalina deploys all objects configured similarly to above within the java:comp/env namespace.