Interface ConnectionPoolMBean

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All Known Implementing Classes:
ConnectionPool, DataSource, XADataSource

public interface ConnectionPoolMBean extends PoolConfiguration
  • Method Details

    • getSize

      int getSize()
    • getIdle

      int getIdle()
    • getActive

      int getActive()
    • getNumIdle

      int getNumIdle()
    • getNumActive

      int getNumActive()
    • getWaitCount

      int getWaitCount()
    • getBorrowedCount

      long getBorrowedCount()
    • getReturnedCount

      long getReturnedCount()
    • getCreatedCount

      long getCreatedCount()
    • getReleasedCount

      long getReleasedCount()
    • getReconnectedCount

      long getReconnectedCount()
    • getRemoveAbandonedCount

      long getRemoveAbandonedCount()
    • getReleasedIdleCount

      long getReleasedIdleCount()
    • checkIdle

      void checkIdle()
    • checkAbandoned

      void checkAbandoned()
    • testIdle

      void testIdle()
    • purge

      void purge()
      Purges all connections in the pool. For connections currently in use, these connections will be purged when returned on the pool. This call also purges connections that are idle and in the pool To only purge used/active connections see purgeOnReturn()
    • purgeOnReturn

      void purgeOnReturn()
      Purges connections when they are returned from the pool. This call does not purge idle connections until they are used. To purge idle connections see purge()
    • resetStats

      void resetStats()
      reset the statistics of this pool.