Class Matcher

  • public final class Matcher
    extends Object

    This is a utility class to match file globs. The class has been derived from

    All methods are static.

    • Constructor Detail

      • Matcher

        public Matcher()
    • Method Detail

      • matchName

        public static boolean matchName​(Set<String> patternSet,
                                        String fileName)
        Tests whether or not a given file name matches any file name pattern in the given set. The match is performed case-sensitively.
        patternSet - The pattern set to match against. Must not be null.
        fileName - The file name to match, as a String. Must not be null. It must be just a file name, without a path.
        true if any pattern in the set matches against the file name, or false otherwise.
        See Also:
        match(String, String, boolean)
      • match

        public static boolean match​(String pattern,
                                    String str,
                                    boolean caseSensitive)
        Tests whether or not a string matches against a pattern. The pattern may contain two special characters:
        '*' means zero or more characters
        '?' means one and only one character
        pattern - The pattern to match against. Must not be null.
        str - The string which must be matched against the pattern. Must not be null.
        caseSensitive - Whether or not matching should be performed case sensitively.
        true if the string matches against the pattern, or false otherwise.