Class FileItemStreamImpl

All Implemented Interfaces:
FileItemHeadersSupport, FileItemStream

public class FileItemStreamImpl extends Object implements FileItemStream
Default implementation of FileItemStream.
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    • FileItemStreamImpl

      public FileItemStreamImpl(FileItemIteratorImpl pFileItemIterator, String pName, String pFieldName, String pContentType, boolean pFormField, long pContentLength) throws FileUploadException, IOException
      Creates a new instance.
      pFileItemIterator - The iterator, which returned this file item.
      pName - The items file name, or null.
      pFieldName - The items field name.
      pContentType - The items content type, or null.
      pFormField - Whether the item is a form field.
      pContentLength - The items content length, if known, or -1
      IOException - Creating the file item failed.
      FileUploadException - Parsing the incoming data stream failed.
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