Class RFC2231Utility


public final class RFC2231Utility extends Object
Utility class to decode/encode character set on HTTP Header fields based on RFC 2231. This implementation adheres to RFC 5987 in particular, which was defined for HTTP headers.

RFC 5987 builds on RFC 2231, but has lesser scope like mandatory charset definition and no parameter continuation

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  • Method Details

    • hasEncodedValue

      public static boolean hasEncodedValue(String paramName)
      Checks if Asterisk (*) at the end of parameter name to indicate, if it has charset and language information to decode the value.
      paramName - The parameter, which is being checked.
      true, if encoded as per RFC 2231, false otherwise
    • stripDelimiter

      public static String stripDelimiter(String paramName)
      If paramName has Asterisk (*) at the end, it will be stripped off, else the passed value will be returned.
      paramName - The parameter, which is being inspected.
      stripped paramName of Asterisk (*), if RFC2231 encoded
    • decodeText

      public static String decodeText(String encodedText) throws UnsupportedEncodingException
      Decode a string of text obtained from a HTTP header as per RFC 2231

      Eg 1. us-ascii'en-us'This%20is%20%2A%2A%2Afun%2A%2A%2A will be decoded to This is ***fun***

      Eg 2. iso-8859-1'en'%A3%20rate will be decoded to £ rate

      Eg 3. UTF-8''%c2%a3%20and%20%e2%82%ac%20rates will be decoded to £ and € rates

      encodedText - - Text to be decoded has a format of <charset>'<language>'<encoded_value> and ASCII only
      Decoded text based on charset encoding
      UnsupportedEncodingException - The requested character set wasn't found.