Class OperationInfo

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    public class OperationInfo
    extends FeatureInfo

    Internal configuration information for an Operation descriptor.

    Craig R. McClanahan
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    • Field Detail

      • impact

        protected java.lang.String impact
      • role

        protected java.lang.String role
      • parametersLock

        protected final java.util.concurrent.locks.ReadWriteLock parametersLock
    • Constructor Detail

      • OperationInfo

        public OperationInfo()
        Standard zero-arguments constructor.
    • Method Detail

      • getImpact

        public java.lang.String getImpact()
        the "impact" of this operation, which should be a (case-insensitive) string value "ACTION", "ACTION_INFO", "INFO", or "UNKNOWN".
      • setImpact

        public void setImpact​(java.lang.String impact)
      • getRole

        public java.lang.String getRole()
        the role of this operation ("getter", "setter", "operation", or "constructor").
      • setRole

        public void setRole​(java.lang.String role)
      • getReturnType

        public java.lang.String getReturnType()
        the fully qualified Java class name of the return type for this operation.
      • setReturnType

        public void setReturnType​(java.lang.String returnType)
      • getSignature

        public ParameterInfo[] getSignature()
        the set of parameters for this operation.
      • addParameter

        public void addParameter​(ParameterInfo parameter)
        Add a new parameter to the set of arguments for this operation.
        parameter - The new parameter descriptor
      • getMBeanParameterInfo

        protected[] getMBeanParameterInfo()