Class NioEndpoint.Poller

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public class NioEndpoint.Poller extends Object implements Runnable
Poller class.
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    • getKeyCount

      public int getKeyCount()
    • getSelector

      public Selector getSelector()
    • destroy

      protected void destroy()
      Destroy the poller.
    • add

      public void add(NioEndpoint.NioSocketWrapper socketWrapper, int interestOps)
      Add specified socket and associated pool to the poller. The socket will be added to a temporary array, and polled first after a maximum amount of time equal to pollTime (in most cases, latency will be much lower, however).
      socketWrapper - to add to the poller
      interestOps - Operations for which to register this socket with the Poller
    • events

      public boolean events()
      Processes events in the event queue of the Poller.
      true if some events were processed, false if queue was empty
    • register

      public void register(NioEndpoint.NioSocketWrapper socketWrapper)
      Registers a newly created socket with the poller.
      socketWrapper - The socket wrapper
    • cancelledKey

      public void cancelledKey(SelectionKey sk, SocketWrapperBase<NioChannel> socketWrapper)
    • run

      public void run()
      The background thread that adds sockets to the Poller, checks the poller for triggered events and hands the associated socket off to an appropriate processor as events occur.
      Specified by:
      run in interface Runnable
    • processKey

      protected void processKey(SelectionKey sk, NioEndpoint.NioSocketWrapper socketWrapper)
    • processSendfile

      public SendfileState processSendfile(SelectionKey sk, NioEndpoint.NioSocketWrapper socketWrapper, boolean calledByProcessor)
    • unreg

      protected void unreg(SelectionKey sk, NioEndpoint.NioSocketWrapper socketWrapper, int readyOps)
    • reg

      protected void reg(SelectionKey sk, NioEndpoint.NioSocketWrapper socketWrapper, int intops)
    • timeout

      protected void timeout(int keyCount, boolean hasEvents)