Class TLSClientHelloExtractor


public class TLSClientHelloExtractor extends Object
This class extracts the SNI host name and ALPN protocols from a TLS client-hello message.
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      public static byte[] USE_TLS_RESPONSE
  • Constructor Details

    • TLSClientHelloExtractor

      public TLSClientHelloExtractor(ByteBuffer netInBuffer) throws IOException
      Creates the instance of the parser and processes the provided buffer. The buffer position and limit will be modified during the execution of this method but they will be returned to the original values before the method exits.
      netInBuffer - The buffer containing the TLS data to process
      IOException - If the client hello message is malformed
  • Method Details

    • getResult

    • getSNIValue

      public String getSNIValue()
      The SNI value provided by the client converted to lower case if not already lower case.
    • getClientRequestedCiphers

      public List<Cipher> getClientRequestedCiphers()
    • getClientRequestedCipherNames

      public List<String> getClientRequestedCipherNames()
    • getClientRequestedApplicationProtocols

      public List<String> getClientRequestedApplicationProtocols()
    • getClientRequestedProtocols

      public List<String> getClientRequestedProtocols()