Package org.apache.catalina.util.ssi

This package contains code that is used by the SsiInvoker.


Interface Summary
SsiCommand Interface implemented by the different SsiCommands.

Class Summary
ResponseIncludeWrapper A HttpServletResponseWrapper, used from SsiInclude
ServletOutputStreamWrapper Class that extends ServletOuputStream, used as a wrapper from within SsiInclude
SsiConfig Implementation of the SsiCommand config, example of usage: <!
SsiEcho Return the result associated with the supplied Server Variable.
SsiFlastmod Get the last modified date for a file, the date is subject of formatting.
SsiFsize Return the size of a given file, subject of formatting.
SsiInclude SsiCommand to include a file, implemented using RequestDispatcher.include().

Package org.apache.catalina.util.ssi Description

This package contains code that is used by the SsiInvoker.

This class consists of which works as a mediator between the different SsiCommands. To add a command you have to implement the SsiCommand interface and extend the SsiMediator. Commands currently implemented are

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