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Packages that use ELException
javax.servlet.jsp.el Classes and interfaces for the JSP 2.0 Expression Language API. 

Uses of ELException in javax.servlet.jsp.el

Subclasses of ELException in javax.servlet.jsp.el
 class ELParseException
          Represents a parsing error encountered while parsing an EL expression.

Methods in javax.servlet.jsp.el that throw ELException
 java.lang.Object VariableResolver.resolveVariable(java.lang.String pName)
          Resolves the specified variable.
abstract  Expression ExpressionEvaluator.parseExpression(java.lang.String expression, java.lang.Class expectedType, FunctionMapper fMapper)
          Prepare an expression for later evaluation.
abstract  java.lang.Object ExpressionEvaluator.evaluate(java.lang.String expression, java.lang.Class expectedType, VariableResolver vResolver, FunctionMapper fMapper)
          Evaluates an expression.
abstract  java.lang.Object Expression.evaluate(VariableResolver vResolver)
          Evaluates an expression that was previously prepared.

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