This is the Changelog for Tomcat Native 1.3.x. The Tomcat Native 1.3.x branch started from the 1.2.39 tag.

Changes in 1.3.0

  • Update: Drop useless compile.optimize option. (michaelo)
  • Update: Align Java source compile configuration with Tomcat. (michaelo)
  • Fix: Fix version set in DLL header on Windows. (michaelo)
  • Update: Remove an unreachable if condition around CRLs in sslcontext.c. (michaelo)
  • Fix: 67818: When calling SSL.setVerify() or SSLContext.setVerify(), the default verify paths are no longer set. Only the explicitly configured trust store, if any, will be used. (michaelo)
  • Update: Update the minimum supported version of LibreSSL to 3.5.2. (markt)
  • Design: Remove NPN support as NPN was never standardised and browser support was removed in 2019. (markt)

Changes in 1.2.x

Please see the 1.2.x changelog.

Changes in 1.1.x

Please see the 1.1.x changelog.