Interface Host

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Container, Lifecycle
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public interface Host extends Container
A Host is a Container that represents a virtual host in the Catalina servlet engine. It is useful in the following types of scenarios:
  • You wish to use Interceptors that see every single request processed by this particular virtual host.
  • You wish to run Catalina in with a standalone HTTP connector, but still want support for multiple virtual hosts.
In general, you would not use a Host when deploying Catalina connected to a web server (such as Apache), because the Connector will have utilized the web server's facilities to determine which Context (or perhaps even which Wrapper) should be utilized to process this request.

The parent Container attached to a Host is generally an Engine, but may be some other implementation, or may be omitted if it is not necessary.

The child containers attached to a Host are generally implementations of Context (representing an individual servlet context).

Craig R. McClanahan