Class SSIMediator

  • public class SSIMediator
    extends Object
    Allows the different SSICommand implementations to share data/talk to each other
    Bip Thelin, Amy Roh, Paul Speed, Dan Sandberg, David Becker
    • Constructor Detail

      • SSIMediator

        public SSIMediator​(SSIExternalResolver ssiExternalResolver,
                           long lastModifiedDate)
    • Method Detail

      • setConfigErrMsg

        public void setConfigErrMsg​(String configErrMsg)
      • setConfigTimeFmt

        public void setConfigTimeFmt​(String configTimeFmt)
      • setConfigTimeFmt

        public void setConfigTimeFmt​(String configTimeFmt,
                                     boolean fromConstructor)
      • setConfigSizeFmt

        public void setConfigSizeFmt​(String configSizeFmt)
      • getConfigErrMsg

        public String getConfigErrMsg()
      • getConfigTimeFmt

        public String getConfigTimeFmt()
      • getConfigSizeFmt

        public String getConfigSizeFmt()
      • getConditionalState

        public org.apache.catalina.ssi.SSIConditionalState getConditionalState()
      • isNameReserved

        protected boolean isNameReserved​(String name)
      • getVariableValue

        public String getVariableValue​(String variableName)
      • setVariableValue

        public void setVariableValue​(String variableName,
                                     String variableValue)
      • getVariableValue

        public String getVariableValue​(String variableName,
                                       String encoding)
      • substituteVariables

        public String substituteVariables​(String val)
        Applies variable substitution to the specified String and returns the new resolved string.
        val - The value which should be checked
        the value after variable substitution
      • log

        public void log​(String message)
      • setDateVariables

        protected void setDateVariables​(boolean fromConstructor)
      • clearMatchGroups

        protected void clearMatchGroups()
      • populateMatchGroups

        protected void populateMatchGroups​(Matcher matcher)