Class StoreFactoryRule

  • public class StoreFactoryRule
    extends Rule

    Rule that creates a new IStoreFactory instance, and associates it with the top object on the stack (which must implement IStoreFactory).

    • Constructor Detail

      • StoreFactoryRule

        public StoreFactoryRule​(String storeFactoryClass,
                                String attributeName,
                                String storeAppenderClass,
                                String appenderAttributeName)
        Construct a new instance of this Rule.
        storeFactoryClass - Default name of the StoreFactory implementation class to be created
        attributeName - Name of the attribute that optionally includes an override name of the IStoreFactory class
        storeAppenderClass - The store appender class
        appenderAttributeName - The attribute name for the store appender class
    • Method Detail

      • begin

        public void begin​(String namespace,
                          String name,
                          Attributes attributes)
                   throws Exception
        Handle the beginning of an XML element.
        begin in class Rule
        namespace - XML namespace
        name - The element name
        attributes - The attributes of this element
        Exception - if a processing error occurs