Interface ChannelInterceptor

All Superinterfaces:
Heartbeat, MembershipListener
All Known Implementing Classes:
ChannelCoordinator, ChannelInterceptorBase, DomainFilterInterceptor, EncryptInterceptor, FragmentationInterceptor, GroupChannel, GzipInterceptor, MessageDispatchInterceptor, NonBlockingCoordinator, OrderInterceptor, SimpleCoordinator, StaticMembershipInterceptor, TcpFailureDetector, TcpPingInterceptor, ThroughputInterceptor, TwoPhaseCommitInterceptor

public interface ChannelInterceptor extends MembershipListener, Heartbeat
A ChannelInterceptor is an interceptor that intercepts messages and membership messages in the channel stack. This allows interceptors to modify the message or perform other actions when a message is sent or received.
Interceptors are tied together in a linked list.
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