Class MailSessionFactory

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    public class MailSessionFactory
    extends Object
    implements ObjectFactory

    Factory class that creates a JNDI named JavaMail Session factory, which can be used for managing inbound and outbound electronic mail messages via JavaMail APIs. All messaging environment properties described in the JavaMail Specification may be passed to the Session factory; however the following properties are the most commonly used:

    • - Hostname for outbound transport connections. Defaults to localhost if not specified.

    This factory can be configured in a <Context> element in your conf/server.xml configuration file. An example of factory configuration is:

     <Resource name="mail/smtp" auth="CONTAINER"
     <ResourceParams name="mail/smtp">
    Craig R. McClanahan
    • Field Detail

      • factoryType

        protected static final String factoryType
        The Java type for which this factory knows how to create objects.
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        Constant Field Values
    • Constructor Detail

      • MailSessionFactory

        public MailSessionFactory()
    • Method Detail

      • getObjectInstance

        public Object getObjectInstance​(Object refObj,
                                        Name name,
                                        Context context,
                                        Hashtable<?,​?> env)
                                 throws Exception
        Create and return an object instance based on the specified characteristics.
        Specified by:
        getObjectInstance in interface ObjectFactory
        refObj - Reference information containing our parameters, or null if there are no parameters
        name - The name of this object, relative to context, or null if there is no name
        context - The context to which name is relative, or null if name is relative to the default initial context
        env - Environment variables, or null if there are none
        Exception - if an error occurs during object creation