Class ContextService

  • All Implemented Interfaces:
    Serializable, Injectable

    public class ContextService
    extends ResourceBase
    Representation of a web service reference for a web application, as represented in a <service-ref> element in the deployment descriptor.
    Fabien Carrion
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    Serialized Form
    • Constructor Detail

      • ContextService

        public ContextService()
    • Method Detail

      • getDisplayname

        public String getDisplayname()
      • setDisplayname

        public void setDisplayname​(String displayname)
      • getLargeIcon

        public String getLargeIcon()
      • setLargeIcon

        public void setLargeIcon​(String largeIcon)
      • getSmallIcon

        public String getSmallIcon()
      • setSmallIcon

        public void setSmallIcon​(String smallIcon)
      • getInterface

        public String getInterface()
      • setInterface

        public void setInterface​(String serviceInterface)
      • getWsdlfile

        public String getWsdlfile()
      • setWsdlfile

        public void setWsdlfile​(String wsdlfile)
      • getJaxrpcmappingfile

        public String getJaxrpcmappingfile()
      • setJaxrpcmappingfile

        public void setJaxrpcmappingfile​(String jaxrpcmappingfile)
      • getServiceqname

        public String[] getServiceqname()
      • getServiceqname

        public String getServiceqname​(int i)
      • getServiceqnameNamespaceURI

        public String getServiceqnameNamespaceURI()
      • getServiceqnameLocalpart

        public String getServiceqnameLocalpart()
      • setServiceqname

        public void setServiceqname​(String[] serviceqname)
      • setServiceqname

        public void setServiceqname​(String serviceqname,
                                    int i)
      • setServiceqnameNamespaceURI

        public void setServiceqnameNamespaceURI​(String namespaceuri)
      • setServiceqnameLocalpart

        public void setServiceqnameLocalpart​(String localpart)
      • getServiceendpoints

        public Iterator<String> getServiceendpoints()
        Declares a client dependency on the container to resolving a Service Endpoint Interface to a WSDL port. It optionally associates the Service Endpoint Interface with a particular port-component.
        the endpoint names
      • getPortlink

        public String getPortlink​(String serviceendpoint)
      • addPortcomponent

        public void addPortcomponent​(String serviceendpoint,
                                     String portlink)
      • toString

        public String toString()
        Return a String representation of this object.
        toString in class Object