Interface RuleSet

All Known Implementing Classes:
ClusterRuleSet, ContextRuleSet, CredentialHandlerRuleSet, EngineRuleSet, HostRuleSet, ImplicitTldRuleSet, MemoryRuleSet, NamingRuleSet, RealmRuleSet, TldRuleSet, WebRuleSet

public interface RuleSet

Public interface defining a shorthand means of configuring a complete set of related Rule definitions, possibly associated with a particular namespace URI, in one operation. To use an instance of a class that implements this interface:

  • Create a concrete implementation of this interface.
  • Optionally, you can configure a RuleSet to be relevant only for a particular namespace URI by configuring the value to be returned by getNamespaceURI().
  • As you are configuring your Digester instance, call digester.addRuleSet() and pass the RuleSet instance.
  • Digester will call the addRuleInstances() method of your RuleSet to configure the necessary rules.