Annotation Type WebFilter

@Target(TYPE) @Retention(RUNTIME) @Documented public @interface WebFilter
The annotation used to declare a Servlet Filter.

This annotation will be processed by the container during deployment, the Filter class in which it is found will be created as per the configuration and applied to the URL patterns, Servlets and DispatcherTypes.

If the name attribute is not defined, the fully qualified name of the class is used.

At least one URL pattern MUST be declared in either the value or urlPattern attribute of the annotation, but not both.

The value attribute is recommended for use when the URL pattern is the only attribute being set, otherwise the urlPattern attribute should be used.

The annotated class MUST implement Filter. E.g. @WebFilter("/path/*")
public class AnExampleFilter implements Filter { ...
Servlet 3.0 (Section 8.1.2)