Package org.apache.catalina.util

package org.apache.catalina.util
  • Classes
    Utility class that attempts to map from a Locale to the corresponding character set to be used for interpreting input text (or generating output text) when the Content-Type header does not include one.
    Utility class to manage context names so there is one place where the conversions between baseName, path and version take place.
    Custom subclass of ObjectInputStream that loads from the class loader for this web application.
    A DOM writer optimised for use by WebDAV.
    Provides support for tracking per exception type and per HTTP status code error pages.
    Provides introspection utilities that either require knowledge of Tomcat internals or are solely used by Tomcat internals.
    Contains commonly needed I/O-related methods
    Base implementation of the Lifecycle interface that implements the state transition rules for Lifecycle.start() and Lifecycle.stop()
    A class representing a CIDR netmask.
    Implementation of java.util.Map that includes a locked property.
    General purpose request parsing and encoding utility methods.
    Extended implementation of HashSet that includes a locked property.
    Simple utility module to make it easy to plug in the server identifier when integrating Tomcat.
    Converts dates to strings using the same format specifiers as strftime Note: This does not mimic strftime perfectly.
    Utility class used to help generate return values for calls to Object.toString().
    This class is very similar to the class.
    XMLWriter helper class.