Interface RewriteMap

All Known Implementing Classes:
InternalRewriteMap.Escape, InternalRewriteMap.LowerCase, InternalRewriteMap.Unescape, InternalRewriteMap.UpperCase, RandomizedTextRewriteMap

public interface RewriteMap
Interface for user defined lookup/replacement logic that can be defined in a rewrite.config file by a RewriteMap directive. Such a map can then be used by a RewriteRule defined in the same file.

An example rewrite.config file could look like:

 RewriteMap uc example.UpperCaseMap

 RewriteRule ^/(.*)$ ${uc:$1}
One parameter can be optionally appended to the RewriteMap directive. This could be used – for example – to specify a name of a file, that contains a lookup table used by the implementation of the map.