Interface AbstractEndpoint.Handler<S>

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public static interface AbstractEndpoint.Handler<S>
  • Method Details

    • process

      Process the provided socket with the given current status.
      socket - The socket to process
      status - The current socket status
      The state of the socket after processing
    • getGlobal

      Object getGlobal()
      Obtain the GlobalRequestProcessor associated with the handler.
      the GlobalRequestProcessor
    • release

      void release(SocketWrapperBase<S> socketWrapper)
      Release any resources associated with the given SocketWrapper.
      socketWrapper - The socketWrapper to release resources for
    • pause

      void pause()
      Inform the handler that the endpoint has stopped accepting any new connections. Typically, the endpoint will be stopped shortly afterwards but it is possible that the endpoint will be resumed so the handler should not assume that a stop will follow.
    • recycle

      void recycle()
      Recycle resources associated with the handler.