Class Acceptor<U>

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public class Acceptor<U> extends Object implements Runnable
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    • getState

      public final Acceptor.AcceptorState getState()
    • run

      public void run()
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      run in interface Runnable
    • stop

      public void stop(int waitSeconds)
      Signals the Acceptor to stop, optionally waiting for that stop process to complete before returning. If a wait is requested and the stop does not complete in that time a warning will be logged.
      waitSeconds - The time to wait in seconds. Use a value less than zero for no wait.
    • handleExceptionWithDelay

      protected int handleExceptionWithDelay(int currentErrorDelay)
      Handles exceptions where a delay is required to prevent a Thread from entering a tight loop which will consume CPU and may also trigger large amounts of logging. For example, this can happen if the ulimit for open files is reached.
      currentErrorDelay - The current delay being applied on failure
      The delay to apply on the next failure